Lite Foam

Construction Tires

Two types of foam fill to meet every need and use 

North Georgia Flatproofing offers a full line of Construction Tires for a wide range of equipment.

Traditional/heavy TyrFil is perfect for larger equipment or tires used for heavy duty jobs (i.e,. skid steers, trenchers, telehandlers, backhoes, etc.)

  • Maximizes work output & performance in harsh conditions
  • Stabilizes machine for greater lift capacity
  • Enhances safety & stability
  • Reduces wheel slippage
  • Minimizes uneven tread wear

North Georgia Flatproofing also specializes in both Steel & Rubber Tracks for Skid Steers and Excavators.



TyrFil Lite Foam weighs only about one third that of traditional heavy fill and is especially beneficial where heavy fill adds too much weight or causes ride problems (i.e. lawn and garden equipment, smaller industrial equipment, golf carts, hand trucks, pressure washers, bicycles, wheelbarrows, mowers, etc.) It is also appropriate for tractors, skid steers or trenchers where less weight is an advantage (i.e. landscaping).

  • Easier on equipment
  • Less wear & tear on chains, axles & bearings
  • Lighter weight for smaller jobs
  • Tires last longer than those with traditional/heavy fill
  • Less damage to lawns and other surfaces